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Keep track of your constituents

Business is all about relationships. Yet far too few businesses invest in managing relationships. You interact with so many different people - customers, vendors, partners, staff, and others. How do you keep track of all of these people? Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Do you have the tools to manage your relationship with them throughout their entire lifestyle from potential to current to former customer? BizAdvance makes it easy for you to facilitate strong relationships with the people that matter to your business.

Send targeted communications

BizAdvance makes it easy to segment your constituents on a wide variety of dimensions in order to communicate with them appropriately. Whether you want to communicate by text, e-mail, phone, or mail, BizAdvance will generate the appropriate list for you. You can even send mass text and e-mail messages directly through the system.


Manage Customer Histories

Who are your top customers? What are their purchasing habits? Do you have a strategy to communicate with them to gauge their satisfaction and prime them for future business? 

Can you anticipate when customers will be due for future  service? Take, for example, the owner of a car repair facility. Whenever the business provides oil changes, s/he should be able to reach out to the customers 3-6 months later to remind them that they are due for their next one. BizAdvance makes it easy to identify such customers to make those follow-up communications. 


How much money are you leaving on the table because you don't have the ability to identify customers who are due for a repeat purchase? BizAdvance should pay for itself many times over with that feature alone.

Additional Features

  • Powerful querying - Learn about your constituents in order to segment them strategically.
  • Online orders/event registration - Our optional module allows your constituents to order and pay for items online as well as register for events. 
  • Custom fields - Do you collect information about your constituents that is unique to your organization? With BizAdvance, there is no limit to the number of fields you can add to contacts' records.

Your customers are your greatest asset. BizAdvance enables you to provide them the service they deserve while increasing your bottom line. 

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