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OST (Out of School Time) ProgramAdvance 

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OST ProgramAdvance is the ideal tool to manage information about every aspect of your program.

From participant performance to emergency contact records to required documentation, your organization manages an unimaginable volume of data. That information is probably stored in various spreadsheets, documents, and file cabinets. OST ProgramAdvance makes it easy to consolidate all of that information into one convenient system, providing easy answers to any questions you have about your program's operations

Attendance/Performance Tracking

OST ProgramAdvance makes it simple to assign participants to programs, schedule activities, and enter attendance. You can record participants as "present," "excused," or "unexcused," and enter notes to explain their absences or provide any other information. With OST ProgramAdvance, in addition to attendance, you can track participants on any other daily metrics such as "punctual," "prepared," "engaged," etc.

Once participant attendance has been entered, it populates throughout the system. So after you enter participant attendance, you can instantly see attendance history by individual/group by date, school year, or any other period of time.

Set up login alerts to be notified automatically that you have attendance records to enter when you log in to the system.


Track Academic Performance

Enter participants' report cards and standardized test scores into ProgramAdvance, and you can gauge the impact your program is having on their academic performance. Use ProgramAdvance to identify areas in which further academic intervention would be helpful. When students in your program apply for selective middle schools, high schools, or colleges, you will be able to see their full academic history at a glance to help them identify appropriate schools.

OST ProgramAdvance also makes it easy to view academic performance by program cohort or by the schools the students attend.

Additional Features

  • Communications - Create individual and mass communications. Send e-mails directly through the system.
  • Powerful querying - Learn about your participants in order support their individual needs..
  • Volunteer tracking - Set up regular schedules for volunteers and track their hours of service to your organization. With our optional online registration system, volunteers can sign-up for volunteer opportunities. 
  • Tracking required forms - From health insurance cards to background checks to field trip permission slips, your organization collects a lot of information from participants and volunteers. ProgramAdvance makes it simple to keep track of submitted forms and identify individuals with forms to submit.
  • Managing parents/guardians and other emergency contacts - With ProgramAdvance, you can connect assign parents, guardians, and emergency contacts to participants. Are you taking your participants offsite? ProgramAdvance allows you to instantly generate an emergency contact list to print and bring with you.
  • Integration with DonorAdvance - If you are a fundraising organization, we enable you have all of your program and donor data in one convenient place.

OST programs have a massive volume of information to manage. Our OST ProgramAdvance puts all of that data at your fingertips so that you can operate effectively. 

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