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Custom Management Systems

What is a Custom Management System?

No two organizations are exactly the same. Each has its own systems, processes, and data management needs. You need a management system to enter, track, manage the information necessary to run your organization effectively. All of our custom management systems enjoy the full benefits of our standard CRM while providing tailored functionality specific to your organization's needs.

How we Work

Every engagement begins with a conversation. We will meet with your organization's leadership team to discuss your organization and how it operates. During the conversation, you may ask for the system to have certain functionality, and we will propose some functionality to you. These conversations are FUN because you are discussing tangible and exciting ways to make your organization better.


After the conversation, we will propose a set of specifications along with sample screens, so you can get a sense of how your system will look and feel. You can provide feedback on the proposal and provide proposed revisions. We will further discuss your organization's operations and needs until the proposal is finalized. Once the document is complete, we will propose a fee and timeline to develop it for you.

Whether or not you ultimately sign up for a custom management system, you will leave this process with a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's operations.

Online Workshop

Does your data reside in a mess of documents, e-mails, and filing cabinets?  

You need one system that will serve your organization now and into the future.
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