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Manage the entire school application process with ease

Does your school/organization help students apply to high schools, colleges, or other programs? Between applications, financial aid documents, standardized test scores, transcripts, and other pieces, managing all of that information can be an overwhelming task. Our ScholarAdvance system will help you stay on top of the process, enabling your students to thrive!

Track students' academic performance

The first step toward applying for schools is to choose appropriate ones based on students' academic profiles. With ScholarAdvance, you can see students' report card history at a glance. Our interface lets you see trends in students' school performance from one term or one school year to the next. 

Standardized tests remain one of the critical factors in college decisions. Our system allows you to track students' scores on any standardized tests that your students take - from SAT to ACT to state tests and others.

When it is time for students to begin identifying appropriate colleges to apply to, you can see their entire academic history in one convenient place.

Academic Performance.png
Application Components.png

Track application components

With students applying to potentially dozens of schools, there is a massive amount of data to track. Fortunately, ScholarAdvance simplifies that process. You can define what components are required for each application along with their due dates. As the students complete various components, you can enter them as completed into the system. With our powerful reporting, you can quickly see any required components whose due dates are approaching to ensure that students submit them on time.

Compare school offers to make informed decisions

With the ever increasing cost of college tuition, it is essential to conduct a cost-benefit analysis when choosing a college. ScholarAdvance makes it easier to compare the cost to families to attend different colleges. Enter schools' costs of tuition, room & board, books, etc. as well as students' expected family contributions on the cost side. On the funding sources side, enter general scholarships that students have earned as well as school-specific scholarships. This allows you and your students to choose the school that provides the best trade-off between education quality and cost.

School Decisions.png

Additional Features

  • Communications - Create individual and mass communications. Send e-mails directly through the system.
  • Custom fields - Do you collect information about your constituents that is unique to your organization? With DonorAdvance, there is no limit to the number of fields you can add to contacts' records.
  • Integration with a program/volunteer/donor management system - Our integrated data management systems allow you to manage every aspect of your organization with one convenient system.

Applying to college is more competitive than ever. To effectively support students in the application process, you need a simple system to enter, track, and analyze information.

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