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Presentations and Workshops

Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging workshop to inspire and motivate your team? You have come to the right place. We lead presentations and workshops for employees, volunteers, trade association members, and other groups. Whether you choose from the existing list below or have us develop a custom one, all of our presentations and workshops are designed around one simple idea:

"Give the audience a tangible tool that they can use immediately to improve their organization."


Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Using Data To Raise the Last Dollar

When you think about it, giving to a nonprofit organization is a strange endeavor – you are choosing to have less money while getting nothing tangible (except for a tax deduction) in return. So what are your donors getting for their donation? In this presentation, we discuss the intangible benefits people receive from making charitable contributions and provide strategies for encouraging those benefits. This will enable you to get the best possible return from your donors.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Ensuring that your organization’s programs advance its mission

How does your organization define success?

How do you measure your results against that definition?

These are often the most challenging questions confronting organization leaders. But evaluating your organization’s performance is critically important both for increasing revnue and for moving toward fulfilling its mission.

In this workshop we teach organization leaders strategies for evaluating their organization’s progress and to use that evaluation to make strategic decisions for the future.


The Lifecycle of Donors:

From Small Donors to Organization Champions

Fundraising is all about relationships. Your organization has an institutional relationship with everyone that donates to it. And as with any relationship, this evolves over time. Nurture it and it will strengthen over time. Neglect it and it will perish. Learn how to segment your donors based on their relationship to your organization and develop strategies for moving through a lifecycle that will strengthen those connections.


Fundraising 101:

Getting the Most our of your Fundraising Management System

Your Excel spreadsheets reached their useful limit and you’ve invested in a database system. But how do you use it effectively? Even the most basic systems provide nearly unlimited possibilities. In this presentation, we discuss strategies for: 

  • Delegating responsibility within your organization.

  • Segmenting your donors into meaningful groups.

  • Creating plans for building engagement among various constituencies.


Measuring Effectiveness:

How to make your organization

great AND effective

There is a subtle difference between being great and being effective. In this presentation, we move you away from describing your organization as "great" toward promoting its "effectiveness." We explain the difference and provide clear examples.

Then we give you the tools to look at everything you do as an organization and measure its effectiveness in meaningful ways.

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