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Powerful yet easy to use donor/fundraising management 

DonorAdvance is a powerful yet easy to use fundraising management system. It enables nonprofit leaders to develop deep institutional knowledge of their individual, corporate, and foundation donors as well as their fundraising initiatives. DonorAdvance is fully cloud-based, so you can access your data from anywhere with Internet access, and you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure.

Know your Donors on a Deeper Level

Unlike other donor management systems, DonorAdvance allows every individual to have his/her own contact record. You can tie individuals' records to those of their spouses/partners, children, and other relatives. They can donate as individuals or as married couples and their full donation history stays with them as their family status changes throughout their lives.

DonorAdvance makes it simple to create custom fields so that you can track individuals on qualities that are unique to your organization's needs. You can also assign individuals to unlimited "contact groups" so that you can segment them in a wide variety of ways.



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Create Recurring Fundraisers

DonorAdvance separates fundraising initiatives into "Solicitations" (simple asks) and "Events" (in which donors participate/attend). It takes merely seconds to create a solicitation or event in DonorAdvance. If your organization hosts the same solicitation on multiple occasions, you can easily create multiple "recurrences" of it. You can even create multiple donation categories within a solicitation/event (e.g. "Program Sponsorship," "Raffle," "Ticket Sales," etc.) in order to capture all the different ways your organization makes money.

Additional Features

  • Communications - Create individual and mass communications. Send e-mails directly through the system.
  • Powerful querying - Learn about your donors in order to segment them strategically.
  • Track in-kind donations - In-kind donations can be as valuable to your organization as monetary ones. DonorAdvance treats them with equal significance.
  • Track pledges, item sales, and event registrations - DonorAdvance is designed to handle all of the different ways people give to your organization.
  • Online donation/registration - Our optional module allows your constituents to register for events, make online donations, and see their donation histories.
  • Custom fields - Do you collect information about your constituents that is unique to your organization? With DonorAdvance, there is no limit to the number of fields you can add to contacts' records.
  • Integration with a program/volunteer management system - Our integrated data management systems allow you to manage every aspect of your organization with one convenient system.

To develop and execute an effective fundraising strategy, you need the ability to analyze your fundraising activities simply and reliably.

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