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A Magical Day

This past Saturday was one of the most special days in the history of Nonprofit Data Solutions. To describe it requires a little backstory…

Our first Program Portal client was Racquet Up Detroit – Racquet Up is a member of the Squash + Education Alliance (SEA) –, a network of 23 youth development organizations that “combine squash, academics, mentoring, travel, and college support.” We developed a Program Portal that allows Racquet Up to track, analyze, and report participant and volunteer attendance, performance in squash tournaments, community service projects, academic development, and many more measures of success.

We have since partnered with 4 additional SEA organizations to bring our Urban Squash Program Portal to them. Most of these organizations use our fundraising management system, DonorAdvance, as well.

This weekend, the SEA teams came to New York City to participate in the Urban Team Nationals squash tournament. What an inspiring event! This was our first opportunity to truly see our clients in action. These young people modeled outstanding athleticism, competitiveness, and sportsmanship. We were able to see the wide range in squash ability from middle school students just starting out to high school seniors who have been playing for years. The growth they achieve is a testament to the incredible coaching and support they receive in their programs.

Providing data management systems is a decidedly unglamorous business. But we provide them in service to organizations that are truly changing lives. We are humbled to know that our tools are helping the leaders of these organizations to streamline their operations, make strategic decisions, and increase their fundraising capacity. It is so gratifying that our data management systems play some indirect role in enabling these young people to develop amazing skills and enjoy unforgettable experiences. That’s what it’s all about!


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