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An Exciting New Partnership

At Nonprofit Data Solutions, we are constantly looking for new partnerships in order to expand our reach. We are excited to announce that we are sponsoring a screening of the film “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste” at the 2019 Gold Coast International Film Festival. The screening will take place on Wednesday, November 6 at 7:30 PM at Sid Jacobson JCC in Greenvale. The film festival is a program for the Gold Coast Arts Center, an amazing nonprofit organization in Great Neck, NY.

Flier for Wasted! film screening at the Gold Coast International Film Festival

If you live or work on Long Island, we highly encourage you to check out the Gold Coast Arts Center. It truly has something for everyone – from ceramics to painting to music to filmmaking to dance and many additional art forms. But it is not just about arts – it has programs for robotics, fencing, chess, and more.

Aside from the specific programming, the Gold Coast Arts Center is our favorite kind of nonprofit organization – one that is dedicated to not only achieving its own mission but also to working with other organizations to achieve theirs. They do this by partnering with organizations dedicated to students with special needs, senior citizens, and others to integrate the arts into their programming. One of the most unique programs at the center is a film series for people with memory loss and their caregivers.

Additionally, the Gold Coast Arts Center uses its forum to call attention to issues in the surrounding community. The reason it is screening “Wasted!” (and the reason we are sponsoring it) is not only to show a compelling film, but also to bring awareness to the critical issue of food waste. The film is also being presented by two essential nonprofit organizations: Island Harvest, a food bank, and Long Island Community Foundation, which provides grants to organizations across Long Island. Between the film and the Q&A to follow, audience members will develop a real understanding of the issue as well as strategies for reducing food waste and reducing hunger, which in turn supports the core mission of Island Harvest.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to support this wonderful organization and hope to see you at the screening.


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